No Cavity Club

JFK-NoCavityClubAt our office, we celebrate kids with good dental habits! That’s why kids who come in for their regular exams and cleanings who have no cavities get to be part of our No Cavity Club!

Our No Cavity Club features our Ladera Ranch Club tree that has every kid who has no cavities on it! You get to take a picture (and make sure to smile BIG for the camera so we can see all your teeth!), and put your picture on your very own tooth poster. You can also write your name, the date that you found out you are cavity free, and your birthday. Then hang it up with your friends and other Ladera Ranch Dentistry little ones to show off your awesome brushing skills!

That’s not all! When your birthday comes around, we will send that tooth back to you so that you can keep it forever. Over time, hopefully you will have a collection of teeth for every time you had no cavities!

There’s more! We like to award our No Cavity Club All Stars, so there are some drawings where a No Cavity Club Member will win a prize! So it’s important to continue brushing and flossing so that you stay on the No Cavity Club next visit and you are always eligible for those awesome prizes!

Congratulations to Tyler Bishop, Everett Scott, Paige Smithgall and Albert Walberg who all won Sonicare products for being All Stars!

Tips to help you get into the No Cavity Club
  • Brush two to three times a day, for a minute, after every meal, or especially after eating sticky, chewy, sugary goods.
  • Floss every day.
  • Have mom and dad help if you have a hard time reaching hard to reach areas.
  • Have mom and dad check to see if you did a good job.
  • Come visit us every six months to see if you made the No Cavity Club!

At Ladera Ranch Dentistry, we promote building good dental habits that will last a lifetime!