Candidates for Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a fabulous option for nervous, anxious patients or for those who have extensive, complicated treatment waiting ahead of them. We believe that you should be comfortable, while at the same time be comforted in the reliability, success, and relaxation that sleep dentistry has to offer!

Am I a good candidate for sleep dentistry?

Although sleep dentistry is available for anyone who wants to get their dental work done in a quick, safe, stress free appointment, the following cases most popularly rely on sleep dentistry.

Pedo Cases

Many children, especially younger ones who have only gone through regular cleanings and check up exams, may be afraid of undergoing other dental treatments. Some are so anxious, that forcing treatment on an unwilling child can traumatize them for the rest of their life! To promote the habit of regular dental visits, we want your child to WANT to come to the dentist, so their comfort is especially important to us.

For children who are only slightly anxious, we suggest using laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to calm their nerves. However, others are more sensitive or more fearful of the dental treatments, and that’s when we suggest sleep dentistry. It’s a safe way of performing treatment, and may even be safer for the child because it avoids the possibility of squirming or jumping in the chair. We have had many successful cases with children, especially children who have extensive work to be done.

Dental Phobic Cases

We totally understand dental phobia! Whether it’s a bad experience that has traumatized you before, or extreme anxiety that leads to panic because of fear of the unknown, that’s okay! Our aim is to put you at rest while making sure that your dental health is secure. Sleep dentistry would not only put your mind at ease, but you won’t even remember your appointment, let alone your treatment! You’ll go to sleep, and wake up as if nothing happened at all!

Full Treatment Cases

Have a lot of treatment that needs to be done? Want them all done in one appointment? No problem! We are happy to do all necessary treatment in a single visit. In addition, sleep dentistry is an option that could make it quicker and more comfortable. Full treatment cases could last a long time, especially if there are multiple teeth that require complicated work. With sedation, you are at a very relaxed state and our professionals would be able to fulfill your treatment quickly and thoroughly. You will wake up with all your treatment done without even remembering anything!

Oral Surgery Cases

Sleep dentistry is perfect for oral surgery cases because of their complexity and the negative emotions associated with them. Because oral surgery cases are more complicated than other dental procedures, it is normal to feel more apprehension going into treatment. For our oral surgery cases, such as dental implants and wisdom teeth removal, sleep dentistry is highly recommended. It makes you comfortable and it makes your appointment shorter and run smoother.