In Office Whitening

Your smile isn’t just whiter, it’s wider!

A smile is more than just a sign of approval or a measure of happiness. It’s more than a form of expression. It’s a form of personal connection with another person. And it’s contagious! With teeth whitening, your smile isn’t just whiter, it’s wider! You’ll want to share your smile with the world.

The teeth whitening process includes a simple one-hour in-house procedure involving our preferred teeth whitening product, Boost! Afterwards, the brilliance of your smile can be maintained at home with complementary bleaching trays. Bleaching gels of varying concentrations are available at our office, depending on your personal level of teeth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening is a procedure popular among teens and adults who wish to brighten their smiles. Discoloration of the teeth is a naturally occurring process that comes with age. Factors that may contribute to discoloration include diet, smoking, alcohol, and just plain genetics. Luckily, this procedure provides the perfect solution!

The teeth whitening procedure consists of four fifteen minute sessions and lasts a little over an hour all together. During the entire procedure, patients are able to relax and watch TV or listen to music! The first part of the procedure involves the covering of lips, gums, and other areas around the teeth. This prevents the burning of these parts by the tooth whitening light. When everything has been covered, teeth whitening gel is then applied to each individual tooth. Then, the light positioned to concentrate its rays on the teeth themselves. The light opens up the pores in the teeth so that the whitening gel is maximally absorbed. The gel is re-applied after each fifteen minute session.

For those who want to continue whitening at home, we provide complementary bleaching trays with every in house teeth whitening! All it takes is a drop of bleaching gel on each tooth surface on the tray. Higher concentrations are available at our office for those who prefer to whiten in less than an hour. Lower concentrations are for those who find themselves highly sensitive to the gel. When the desired shade is reached, all you have to do is touch up every few months to keep your smile looking healthy and bright!

The most common side effect from any teeth whitening procedure is tooth sensitivity which may last up to two to three days after the treatment. The level of sensitivity is different for every individual, because each person has a unique enamel thickness. Many patients describe the sensitivity as quick sharp zings that may be prompted by cold liquids or cold air. This can be easily alleviated (Advil or Tylenol do just the trick!) and goes away as early as the following day.

The next three days after the teeth whitening is a very important time period for the patient because the teeth continue to get whiter even after treatment! To avoid discoloration, the patient should avoid substances that would stain teeth. Anything with a high amount of food coloring such as ketchup and mustard should be avoided, along with coffee, red wine, and other dark liquids. Smoking also should be avoided as much as possible for the next few days to get the best results.

After teeth whitening, you’ll want the world to see the new you! Your smile isn’t just whiter, it’s wider!

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