Hundreds of years ago, Greek athletes would bite down on leather for an edge during a competition. But the concept itself never caught on. Enter Under Armour. You see, by reducing athletic stress and clanking down on your jaw, it leaves you time to focus on the important things: the sport. Under Armour is more than just your typical mouthguard it is a customized performance mouthpiece and there are three amazing models to choose from, based on the type of sport you play!

For contact sports like basketball, ice hockey, baseball, martial arts, skiing, and volleyball, the UA Performance Mouthguard will improve your performance with promising results.

If you play non-contact sports like baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, or maybe just running and pilates, the UA Performance Mouthpiece is the perfect fit! And for more rough and tough sports like football, hockey, boxing, and lacrosse, the UA performance mouthguard will enhance and protect even the heaviest attacks. This performance builder will not only help you play better but make you feel better!

Under Armour performance mouthguards are overall a great choice. See for yourself!

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