snore guard

Do your family members complain that you snore at night? Does your snoring sometimes wake you up and interfere with your sleep? If so, a snore guard may be what you need to give you and your loved ones a good nights rest!

What is a snore guard?

A snore guard is a small removable dental appliance made out of plastic that you can wear at night while you sleep. An upper tray is connected on a lower tray and both trays sit on your upper and lower teeth. There are many snore guards that can be purchased online and made at home, but the ones from the dentists show much better results because they are custom made just for you! Not only will impressions of your teeth and bite be taken so that the trays are molded to your mouth, the two trays are also fabricated so that it fixes your particular snoring problem. Each person’s snoring problem is a little different, and different snore guard adjustments may be necessary that can’t be made with at home products.

How does it work?

Snoring can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • Vibrations are occurring as air passes through soft tissues at the back of the throat
  • Something is partially obstructing the airways (such as the tongue falling back onto the throat)
  • The jaw is slightly dropped back which restricts the air passage

A snore guard’s main goal is to keep the passageways open. The lower jaw is moved slightly forward by its connections to the upper tray. This ensures that the jaw is not pulled back. Also, the upper tray of the device lifts the soft palate, also clearing the throat. The snore guard has shown immediate results for many snorers. Virtually all see a reduction in snoring and more than half have completely eliminated snoring all together!

How to get your snore guard

It only takes two easy appointments. During your first visit, impressions of your upper and lower teeth and a mold of your bite (called a bite registration) will be taken. The dentist will also look at your bite and determine what kind of adjustments are needed for your snore guard to work. These molds will then be sent to the lab where they will fabricate a custom snore guard that suits your individual needs. A second appointment is needed to deliver your snore guard and to make sure it fits. You then take it home and try it out. If it still isn’t to your satisfaction, you can bring it back with you and we can make minor adjustments until it has a satisfying result. After that, expect more relaxing nights and refreshing mornings, for you and your family!

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